Hsi-Ching Lin & 林錫慶

Deputy Director, National Center for High-speed Networks and Computers, National Experimental Research Institute

His-Ching Lin is the Deputy Director of National Center, and he started working for the State Grid Center in 1991. He was the first batch of employees of the predecessor of the State Grid Center, the National High-speed Computer Center, and an important promoter of various tasks from HPC, Cloud to recent AI. He is currently a director of the Taiwan Disaster Prevention Industry Association and a member of the Taiwan Digital Governance Association. His expertise covers all the core services of High-speed Networks, and large-scale national construction projects. The overall planning and execution are carried out by Deputy Director Lin.

Topic: Conceptualization of UAV collaboration platform and application scenarios

Ellen Chung & 鍾文徽

Project Researcher, National Applied Research Laboratories

Ellen Chung is the Chairman of Huake Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd., and the Deputy Director of the International Department of Taiwan Development Research Institute. She participated in commissions from the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs and other government ministries. Her research interests include drone equipment and education and training, art and cultural industry promotion, cultural exchanges, etc.

Topic: Overview of communication applications of LEOSAT on unmanned vehicles

Zheng-Fang Luo & 羅正方 

Vice President, UAS, Taiwan Chairman, Geosat Aerospace & Technology Inc

Dr. Zheng-Fang Luo founded Jingwei Aerospace Technology in 2004 based on the original Satellite Information Center of Chenggong University, and they have been focusing on satellite positioning technology, telemetry technology, and 3S technology of geospatial information technology. It is engaged in satellite information analysis and related image processing Serve.

Future technology applications for drones

Tony LI & 李錦昌

Deputy General Manager, PilotGaea Technology Co., Ltd.

Tony Li is the Deputy General Manager of Pilotgaea Technology, the main promoter of 3D GIS technology and application in Taiwan. He presided over the development of large-scale systems such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academia Sinica, National High-speed Network Center and the Council of Agriculture, and the current national multi-dimensional 3D of the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center. Also, he is the project leader of the GIS system platform.

Drones combined with GIS to create a virtual-real integration platform

James Haung & 黃政傑 

Executive Director, Taiwan Drone Education and Cultivation Association
Founder, Dronebasetw (Taiwan Drone Pilots Network Community)

James Haung has been a drone worker promoter since 2020. He is the owner of dronesboy.com in Taiwan, and their focus is on drone pilot license promotion. In 2021, he established a drone Association to develop the drone pilot training program and built a platform of nationwide drone pilot network focusing on providing practical opportunities to drone pilots in Taiwan.

Drone constructure Engineering 3D Modeling Applications


Jing-Shan Liang & 梁菁珊 

Manager, Drone Mobile Video System Dept.
Manager, Information and Communication Research Laboratories

Jing-Shan Liang has been Working on drones since 2017. Her research interests include remote control of drones, video streaming, and AI analysis, applications in patrols, bridge detection applications, and 5G drone racing. In 2020, her team got the US R&D 100 Award for " Automatic Police UAV Patrol System” and won the Ministry of Transport's “Drone Integrated Pilot Program - Bridge Inspection“ in Taiwan, which brings ITRI to get an Outstanding Research Award in 2022.

Topic: UAV 5G application